Dr. Bingham has performed hundreds of skin surgeries for benign and malignant conditions.  His training at the Mayo Clinic allowed him to learn skills and techniques from some of the best dermatologic surgeons in the country.  Dr. Bingham is a perfectionist, and will assure that you are left with the best possible outcome with your surgical procedure. Some of the procedures Dr. Bingham performs include:

  • Excision of skin cancers (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma)
  • Removal of pre-cancerous moles
  • Removal of irritated or cosmetically unsightly moles
  • Removal of skin cysts and growths
  • Keloid treatment
  • Treatment of hemangiomas
  • Treatment of sebaceous gland hyperplasia
  • Skin tag removal
  • Earlobe repair